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Our investments are responsible, ethical and socially ecological investments that take into account ESG criteria.


We believe innovation in learning moves the whole world forward. Information is more widely available and learning is more scalable.


We believe that economic success and sustainability go together.


As a private equity platform for edtech, we believe that knowledge transfer and learning play an increasingly important role in all sectors of industry. Accelerating technological change, increasing complexity and global quality-assured operations are the challenges in many industries. We believe that qualified education is the best way to achieve global sustainable prosperity. New technologies and didactic approaches will positively revolutionize learning and the availability of information. We invest in future-oriented providers of products and services in this edtech market.


We act out of conviction and our investments are long-term. The companies are managed with high professionalism, reliability and trustworthiness. From our point of view, sustainability requires economic action. For us, adherence to our values is more important than the level of profits.


We concentrate on investments in the field of knowledge transfer. Our investment horizon is long-term. We monitor the market to identify appropriate opportunities. We choose investments based on the following criteria:

  • Sustainable support of our values
  • Acceleration of our strategy
  • Growth potential
  • Positive annual result or short restructuring period
  • Synergies with existing investments